Getting better with age

Hello everybody! The Winedown has transitioned WordPress. It was time to move on from my previous site. No major qualms with the old site, but I feel that I’ll be able to get more usage  and analytics out of this site. And I hope that it will also bring more interaction between us with the addition of blog comments. So please jump in  and let’s get some great interactions going here!

If you’re new to my page, again please be sure to catch up by checking out The Winedown’s old website to get caught up. Good news! There’s only a few posts to read through.

As a refresher, I’ve got two on-goings wine projects. The first being my New Year’s Wine Resolutions, with only #7 being completed thus far. The second, and potentially far more entertaining for you readers out there, is my Extreme Palate Expansion project. I’ve been putting this off, mostly because I haven’t been able to find the items I’m looking to taste. But fear not! I’ll make sure to do this as soon as possible.

So let’s get tasting! Cheers everyone.


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