Touriga time

I recently tried another new grape – Touriga. A Portuguese grape traditionally, this bottle came from Virginia of all places. I won’t bore you with a lecture on the grape, but if you want a quick tutorial, check it out here. I found it interesting that it is traditionally used in Ports and not table wines, which perhaps is an omen for this bottle.

The Winedown: Shocked. Kelli and I gave touriga a shot a week ago. Let’s just say the two of us couldn’t get close to the bottom of this bottle. The smell! The taste! The tartness! Where do I begin? Kelli’s tasting sheet puts it best. Under the “nose” category (i.e. what does the stuff smell like?) she chose 2 on a scale of 1-5. What does 2 equate to on this tasting sheet? “Medley of vinegar.” And “Flavor”? She gave it a 1. That’s “oenophilic ick.” Bad smell. Bad taste. Bad wine.

I scored it only slightly higher. To be fair, I can confirm this was not just a bad bottle bottle in the bunch. I admittedly had this same wine (same producer, vintage, etc.) only a week prior and found the juice just the same as this tasting. 24 hours of air later, this wine hadn’t changed a bit.

Sorry to say that there’s no way I’d recommend this one to you all. The producer, White Hall Vineyards, makes some great wines but clearly missed the boat here. In Kelli’s overall impression, “nnnnnnnope.” Time to try the Port instead.


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