Rhymes with orange wine

White wine, red wine, rosé wine…orange wine? My eyebrows raised. A lot. If you haven’t heard of it either, don’t feel bad. Part novelty, part legitimately tasty, orange wine is hot and new.

So what is Orange Wine? In short, it’s white wine made in a specific manner by wineries in NY state. The white wine that you and I have come to know takes white grapes, crushes/presses them, and instantly drains the juice away from the pulp, seeds, etc. Orange wine keeps the juices on the grapes while it ferments, allowing it to pick up far different flavors and complexities. Or so they say.

Winemag.com describes it thusly: “Rather than being orange, these skin-fermented white wines range from bright gold to tawny brown. On the palate, they often possess the texture, body and tannins of red wines and the fruit and minerality of white wines. Stylistically unique, many offer earthiness, funk and a savory, richly textured mouthfeel.

For some more information on it, check out imbibemagazine.com’s article on orange wine right here. It doesn’t look like these wines are cheap, but I’d like to go through a tasting of a few. Finding them may be the most difficult task, unless you live in New York state, right at the source.



Hail damage on two continents

Hailstorms struck both the Finger Lakes wine region of upstate New York, and the Champagne region of France in recent days. While it sounds as though the New York hailstorm had a limited effect (but be sure to watch the video in the link above – I wouldn’t want to be in that hailstorm), the hail in Champagne caused significant destruction. So severe in fact, that Decanter reports that potentially “a third of next year’s harvest will be lost.” NEXT YEAR’S harvest. That’s some major damage to the vines.