Friday winedown news

Just a few interesting articles I came across today that I thought you might enjoy…

The Drinks Business brings you their “Top 10 weird wine ingredients.” I should note: the egg whites truly isn’t a weird ingredient for wine. At the end of the wine making process, many wines have egg white (I believe it’s in powder form) added to them to further fine out any remaining particles that would make the wine cloudy. This can be done in other ways too, but egg whites are the classic.

The New York Times reports on the Oxford vs. Cambridge wine tasting competition rivalry. This seems like a really cool – and seriously competitive – event that I would love to be in the audience for. I’d rather be on the team, but still. Audience will do.

The Wall Street Journal’s Will Lyons chats you up about “A New Taste for Old World Sauvignon Blanc.”

Another WSJ article on a giant annual burgundy wine party in NYC thrown by Daniel Johnnes, the wine director for Daniel Boulud.

Lastly, one more WSJ article (hey, they had a lot today) on something a little different – the pickleback! I’m ashamed to say I haven’t yet tried one. As a friend pointed out, perhaps the best line of this entire article is, “To best experience the pickleback, he says, it should be made with ‘as rough a whiskey as possible.'” How can you not like that?




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