The Maker’s Mark debacle – Econ 101

Maker’s Mark execs have had a busy week. Just recently, Marker’s Mark (MM) – the bourbon with the distinctive red wax dripping down the bottle’s neck – announced they will be cutting their alcohol levels in their bourbon by a couple percent in order to meet increasing demand. As you can imagine, it caused quite the kerfluffle on the internet. Annoyed customers abound. I should admit, I don’t like this bourbon anyway, so I fully enjoyed watching this marketing fire burn quietly from my seat in the bleachers.

Marker's Mark bourbon
Marker’s Mark bourbon

Clearly, increased demand is a great thing to have. As one commenter pointed out in an article I read, this is Econ 101. If demand increases, you RAISE THE PRICE. You don’t dilute your sought-after product. You know, the one that everyone is clamoring for? Don’t screw it up its quality and reputation.

Well it seems the power of the internet and social media have won out, yet again. MM announced that they have heard the cries, and they will not be changing their recipe in any way. Good on MM for listening, keeping their product the same, and for admitting when they’re wrong. They’ll have a stronger customer base long-term for it. Chalk another one up for the internet.


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