Who wants a $2 million wine vertical


Penfolds, the famous Australian winery, is offering a $2 million dollar vertical of their halo brand, Grange. A vertical is a set of one specific wine from a handful or many vintages (2005, 2006, 2007, for example). In this case, the $2 million gets you…all of the Grange vintages. Ever. That’s 1951 to 2007.

I thought this was a pretty good offer actually – Grange is very expensive and often ends up at auctions – but there’s more. Much more. How does the 13 cases of magnum bottles of other extremely rare wines by Penfolds sound? Ok fine, there’s more still. £50,000 in other wine purchases of your choice? A case of luxury wine releases from Penfolds for the next ten years?! What more do you want?! Ok fine. They’ll also throw in a trip to Australia, with two business class tickets, accommodations, and a VIP tour and tasting.

Wow, you’re a tough sell. Now, to whom do I make out this check?


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