More on the Brunello vandalism

A couple more good sources with detailed information on the Brunello vandalism of Soldera, one of the best wines in the world. Six vintages (2007-2012) were destroyed.

The going theory at this point, it seems, is that the vandals were enacting vengance upon Gianfranco Soldera (the wine’s namesake). It seems Soldera may have made a strong stand in 2008 against those in the area who were not complying with winemaking laws, and blending their wines illegally to appeal to foreign markets. Some wineries found themselves in hot water at the time for these illegal activities. Rumor has it that Soldera was even the whistle blower. It may be that there are still some disgruntled people who wanted payback on Soldera. I’ll keep the updates coming when I can.


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