Millennial drinking and buying habits recently posted an article on the drinking habits of millennials, and it contains some fairly interesting numbers. Some numbers simply confirm what you’d already expect, but I found a few points of interest and surprise. Scroll down a bit, and you’ll find some nice charts. The best part is that they compare younger drinkers (21-44) to older drinkers (45+).

Two things jumped out at me. One: millennials spend more per bottle than older drinkers. Two: Millennials drink more pinot noir than – 14 percentage points higher, in fact. I’m very surprised by the pinot noir fact. I’ve come to think of pinot noir as a wine that older, wiser people come to drink when they’re done with the big, heavy cabs. Maybe I’m just thinking wonk-level burgundies. Either way, I’m pleased to see that young people are purchasing pinot noir as much as they are.


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