Wonder what a barrel adds?

Barrel water, 4 days. (Photo courtesy: Ray Walker of Maison Ilan)

Ever thought about what the barrel does to a wine? The above photo can give you a glimpse. What you see is water. I promise this is not chardonnay, or any other white wine. It’s water. Ray Walker of Maison Ilan posted this photo to Twitter (follow him: @MaisonILAN) recently. He stated it was “Water from a new oak barrel after four days.” And you wonder why some of your wines taste extremely oaky.

You might now understand why not everyone wants to use new oak barrels for their wines, and instead opt for older, used barrels, or simply stainless steel vats. It all depends on how much you want to change the wine. If you’re not into very oaky wines (especially whites), look to wines from Burgundy. Typically, they have a more balanced style, with just a touch of oak.

Can you believe it? 4 days!



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