Parker says influence is ebbing, public proves him wrong the next day

Just two days ago, Robert M. Parker Jr., the world’s most famous wine critic declared that his influence was ebbing, according to a Harper’s article. He said he felt that his influence was over-inflated by the public. Perhaps this is true – consumers now get their wine info from numerous sources, even in the palm of their hands via smartphones and QR codes. But reality proved Mr. Parker incorrect just a day later.

Mr. Parker spoke at the WineFuture Hong Kong yesterday, hosting a “Magical 20” tasting. The Magical 20 in reference here are 20 Bordeaux wines of Mr. Parker’s choosing that perform at top growth standards, but with a far cheaper price. See the Magical 20 page, with wines listed, here. You might notice that, while cheaper than first growth Bordeaux, these bottles are still in many cases still well over the $100 mark and higher.

Fast forward to today, and this post on the Liv-Ex blog ( is an online market watch site for wine prices). The wines Mr. Parker included in his tasting saw immediate trading price increases. Truly not shocking, but interesting nonetheless. Mr. Parker remains the most influential critic for Bordeaux no doubt.


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