Potential ethics scandal involving Wine Advocate’s Jay Miller

First and foremost, we need more details. That should be noted above all else before anyone’s reputation is tarnished. Many details need to come to light, and many questions are unanswered in a recent email posted on the blog, Jim’s Loire.

In short, it seems that Jay Miller, a wine critic who writes for The Wine Advocate – a long-trusted source of thoroughly ethical reviews – has become mixed up in a potential ethical scandal involving his upcoming trip to a wine region to taste and review new wines. The region’s representative association sent an email to local wineries giving them rules for submitting and, here’s the kicker, how much is costs for them to submit. Even a cost of 1,000 euros if Mr. Miller were to visit their winery.

I remain hesitant to jump to conclusions just yet. I’d like to hear Miller’s side of the story, as well as a statement from The Wine Advocate. No doubt more to come soon. Check back for updates.


2 thoughts on “Potential ethics scandal involving Wine Advocate’s Jay Miller

  1. JB N December 4, 2011 / 2:23 pm

    Don’t hold your breath waiting for a response from Parker on this. That isn’t his style.

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