Kluge Estate Coming Back Online…As Trump Winery

According to a recent Wine Enthusiast article, Kluge Estate Winery and Vineyards appears to be getting back on its feet. As you may recall, I’ve been reporting on this winery from time to time. After suffering a dramatic bankruptcy, an eventual sale for far less than valued to Donald Trump took place. Now it seems The Donald has his people in place – along with Patricia Kluge still on board – and they’re ready to fire things up.

In writing this post, I took a look at Kluge’s website. It looks like they’ve also changed the name to Trump Winery, on Trump Vineyard and Estates. Website here: http://www.klugeestate.com/ . Not all that creative or original (Kluge wasn’t either), but a brand is a brand, and that’s what Trump is all about.

A line near the end of the article made me stop and think. Eric Trump, Donald’s son who is the main guy in charge now, stated, “Our top product will certainly be some sort of Trump label.” Just as I feared. Trump wine. I’m reserving full judgement until a true tasting can take place. AND when I get to see just how much gold is used on the Trump label. Even previously, Patricia Kluge pumped her own name on the label, property, etc. so really how much ego-shift is there?

To truly taste the change, I pose that a pre and post Trump tasting be held. Nothing too serious, but for fun and for a great learning experience. I was able to get some of Kluge’s top bottling, New World Red during their liquidation, along with their more generic Simply Red. A friend and colleague of mine, Tanisha (Who by the way, has her own wine blog! It’s called The Grapevine. Check it out here.), has some of Kluge’s sparkling blanc de blanc, something that I recall Kluge making particularly well. Details still to be worked out, but in a couple of years, I hope we can compare to what changes and improvements Trump Winery has to offer.



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