Annual Wine Bloggers’ Conference: Charlottesville, VA

As agonizing it is that I can’t make it to my hometown of Charlottesville, VA this week, I felt that I should at least let the rest of the world know about it. For the first time in its history, the Wine Bloggers’ Conference – now in its fourth year – has come to the East Coast. And wouldn’t you know it? Charlottesville, VA, and its surrounding Monticello AVA (American Viticultural Area), won out.

Thomas Jefferson tried unsuccessfully to grow grapes at his Monticello home there. Can you imagine his reaction to this today? Hundreds of wine bloggers, writers and industry professionals buzzing throughout the town and countryside to learn about VIRGINIA WINE. As an aside, read the fantastic book Thomas Jefferson On Wine by John Hailman (Available at here). It’s a great read for both the historian and wine enthusiast.

Work has kept me away this year, but I do get to visit quite often due to the close proximity. What I am missing are the two keynote speakers, Jancis Robinson and Eric Asimov, which is killing me. Ms. Robinson is one of the most famous names in wine ever (Google her), while Mr. Asimov is no lightweight himself, writing wine articles for the NY Times.

I just hope that the incredible heatwave (100+ degree today) isn’t keeping them down, and they’re finding what many of us already know – that Charlottesville, VA is a truly special place. I hope I can make it to next year in the next special place.

To follow along, search the hashtag #wbc11 on Twitter, and see their website here.


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