Bordeaux Bubble Forecast to Pop, Says Economist

This story is starting to unfold far faster than I imagined. Perhaps I was being too conservative with two – three years for the Bordeaux bubble to burst. Maybe it’s one to two. Written in today’s Wall Street Journal, Chinese economist Andy Xie says to hurry up and SELL, if you own any top Bordeaux. In particular, he mentions Lafite (see my previous post on the new Chinese character added to their new bottles headed for Asia) in his blog saying that, “If I had a lot of Lafite, I would be selling.”

He mentions also that, “Lafite has outperformed.” I would think others are outperforming as well. As I’ve mentioned before, I just can’t see these prices holding forever either. It’s too much to pay for a bottle for any reason. I would think that this bubble will last longer, but not more than a year or two. What happens next year when the latest release comes out at an even higher price? At some point, the market is going to push back, hard. This coming summer’s release of the 2010 vintage prices, and subsequent trading, will be the first real sign of potential price changes to come.

I only wish I had some bottles to sell.


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