Keep It Cool

Photo by Jenny Downing,

I’ve heard this question before: At what temperature do I drink my wine? People worry that a red can’t be served cold, and a white can’t be served too warm. “What about cellar temperature? I don’t have a cellar.”  is often another. We certainly don’t all have a fancy cellar or wine fridge to take care of this for us. Cool is the key, be it red or white.

I’ve got a quick and easy tip for you to follow to always get your wines where you want them…and close enough to cellar temperature.

The 15 minute rule:

For red wines (assuming it’s currently at room temp): Place IN the fridge for 15 minutes before serving. No, this won’t get it cold, it’ll just take the warm edge off of it. Keeping reds cool helps control the alcohol sensation, so it won’t taste too “hot” and letting other flavors reveal themselves.

For white wines (assuming it’s already fully cold in your fridge): Take OUT of the fridge 15minutes before serving. If a wine is too cold, it shuts down much of the taste you paid so much for.

Easy right? Now go chill out.


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