Cabernet Concentrate

Syrup and raisins. Who’s in the mood for a glass now, huh?!

I was intrigued, actually. Kelli gave me an Amarone (“ama-rone-nay”) for Christmas in her quest to give a wine gift to the guy who’s had plenty of the run-of-the-mill stuff. She succeeded with this one. It was new to me. I did some reading and found that this style of wine really can have tastes of raisins, with an almost syrup-like texture.

Amarone is a cult wine from Italy. It’s made from a few grape varieties, and involves partially drying the grapes before the typical winemaking process begins. Hence, raisins. Hence, syrup. It’s a very heavy wine. Think of your favorite big red wine and reduced it down. It’s like Cabernet Concentrate. Something I know my dad would love. Port lovers out there might really go for this. Very heavy, and very dark. You’ll be heading straight to the teeth whitening aisle after this stuff.

“Alright, alright I get it,” you say. “It’s heavy! It’s big!.” It is, but it’s full of subtle flavors, and it has a texture that you just don’t expect that keeps on coming. Mark my words though: it’s subtle and subtlety is an whole other post.

It’s also a very expensive wine. We’re talking $50+ per bottle. So let’s be honest here. If you’re new to wines, or you are just the occasional sipper, this is a BIG pass. It’s a really good wine, but there’s not need to spend that kind of money to enjoy a glass of wine. If you want a big, heavy red go pick up a Chilean Cab for $12, and you’ll be all set.

If you find yourself looking to try something new and appreciate the nuances in each bottle you try, give it a go. But please, PLEASE wait for this one to go on sale.

2004 Lorenzo Begali Amarone della Valpolicella Classic

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